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Let your dog come run & romp & stomp & play with us on the farm!

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About Us -

Dogs are family & dogs are pack animals! They need interaction with other dogs to fully engage their own personality & burn pent-up energy. They need a place to run & play & just be dogs! We give them that here on the Doggie Play Days Farm! We're situated right on a farm with beautiful rolling hills & acres of farmland!

My name is Mike Duncan, owner of Doggie Play Days. I've taken care of many dogs ever since I was just a little boy! It's been my life calling in many ways :) I've been taking care of dogs professionally since 2001. Out of this love for dogs, Doggie Play Days was created. One day a week, I pick up your dog mid-day, along with other dogs & head out to the farm by Libertytown, MD. Then drop off in the evening. Other days you drop off & pick up. Your dog will romp & stomp & run & play for several hours with all the other dogs...HAVING A BLAST!!! All for only $20 when you pick up & drop off, $25 on the day I do!



I also provide overnight boarding for only $40! I love to find a deal when I'M shopping or needing to hire someone. So it's my honor to provide ultra-competitive SUPER LOW prices in the dog-business market! Just look around & you'll see some of the RIDICULOUS sky-high prices from some of these other companies, $75-$125 a night for boarding & $65 for ONLY an hour of play! Not me! I'm small & independent & I believe strongly in low-prices, great service, having a positive, work-WITH-you attitude & being as flexible as possible. Life can get busy & I'm here to help! :)


Let your dog come to the farm & PLAY!!!

Dog boarding transport to & from the farm for only 25 cents a mile


I can also do special transport situations within the area & even long distance!

References available upon request


Fully insured --- I also donate to animal rescue --- Hurry limited space!!!

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Me at 11 with

my girl Maple Bear

The Doggie

Play Days Farm!

We Let the Dogs Out!!!

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